Laboratory Moves

Our company specialises in laboratory moves. Its R+D department works incessantly to guarantee the transportation, integrity and storage of laboratory equipment and fixtures.

Flippers has a wide range of services, developed to achieve the requirements of each client. Specialized and technical resources used before and after the move. Special procedures for moving reactive materials. Cranes and special tools for moving heavy machinery, cans, etc. Eventual coordination with specialized and technical resources. Moves carried out also at night and bank holidays.

Precision Machinery

Transfer of samples

The transfer of laboratories is not a normal move, so our technical specialists must be continuously trained in the new procedures to ensure a safe and incident-free laboratory transfer, with the maximum guarantee that characterizes Flippers.

  • Continuous training of our staff.
  • Highly defined processes for disassembly, transfer and subsequent assembly.
  • Specially adapted vehicles.
  • Rigorous compliance with regard to the prevention of occupational hazards when handling hazardous materials.
  • Flippers provides comprehensive solutions for the transfer of laboratories.

At Flippers We like to do things well; So we have a liability insurance that covers Flippers technicians, our clients and laboratories during the move. We also have tailor made insurance for each type of move, if the client so wishes.